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KSK utilizes the technology we have accumulated over the years for complete surveillance camera systems that require a high level of security, such as those for land and coastlines, as well as for mounted models on vessels and vehicles.

Today, we offer new areas such as Camera System for Disaster Control Measures and Support of Disaster Risk and Tsunami Monitoring System.
These systems have attracted attention due to the availability of day and night monitoring. They provide 24/7 support for tsunami monitoring, rescue, casualty search, site checking, and post-disaster crime prevention measures that require prompt action in such disaster areas.


  • December/01/2023
    Welcome to our renewal website in English!
  • July – August/2023
    In order to monitor Mt. Asama, which is both a stratovolcano and an active volcano, we supplied an infrared surveillance camera system that can monitor even in pitch-dark nights. Many training rainbands occur throughout the country, causing severe floods. It is especially important to monitor river confluence areas day and night. For this reason, we have delivered a new Twin-Cam 24 that can reliably monitor 24 hours a day, even in complete darkness.
  • In 2022, the new corona pandemic seems to have settled down due to the widespread use of vaccines as far. On the other hand, new disputes have arisen and the situation is serious due to rising material prices and delivery delays. We have recently delivered two camera systems. One is a surveillance camera system with vessel-mounted model. The other is an infrared camera for monitoring Sakurajima, known as an active volcano. Both were delivered to be used for 7/24-hour monitoring for day or night.
  • January/15/2022
    A massive eruption of a submarine volcano in Tonga sent a tsunami to Japan. At around 0:43 and 2:38 am on the following day, the 16th, we found with our infrared surveillance camera that the flow of the Omoe River in Iwate Prefecture was flowing backwards due to the tsunami.
  • May/2021
    We launched the item "infrared surveillance camera with ultra-compact non-cooled model" that can monitor a fish-preserve at a low cost. This camera can be easily installed anywhere as long as there is a power supply. This video can be viewed on a smartphone, iPad, etc. in addition to a computer, wherever you are in the office, at home, or when you are not at home, by pressing a button on the video software. This camera is set up to enable the combination of our solar panels and storage batteries when any power supply is not available.
  • March/2021
    We delivered surveillance camera systems, such as infrared cameras with non-cooled model and ultra-sensitive cameras for lands and coasts, which can be used for disaster control measures and monitoring of volcanic activities for day and night.
  • September/2020
    Due to the novel covid-19 infection that occurred at the end of last year, the number of companies that have started working at home has increased rapidly since the end of April. As a result, the Smartphone Line (LTE SIM) provided by our company can be easily connected anywhere you are in Japan, so the demand has been rapidly increased.
    Please feel free to contact us about it as we got favorable reviews for our price plans according to your requirements.
  • March/2020
    For this year also we delivered the surveillance camera system for coasts and lands as Camera System for Disaster Control Measures and Support of Disaster Risk Reduction, which can be monitored quickly maritime environment for day and night.
  • March/2018 and March/2019
    We delivered the tsunami surveillance camera system as the Camera System for Disaster Control Measures and Support of Disaster Risk Reduction that can monitor the maritime environment at a glance day and night, so as not to repeat the tragic situation like the Great East Japan Earthquake again.
  • July/27/2018 and July/26/2019
    We participated in the Infrared Array Sensor Forum.
    It is held on the last Friday at the end of July every year at the Ibaraki Campus of Ritsumeikan University. Universities and companies that routinely carry out development and system applications related to infrared rays are given opportunities to announce their achievements for the development of infrared rays’ business. This field is getting more and more attention for us every year.
    As described on this website, our company has installed our systems everywhere regardless of land or sea.
    We exhibited an actual simple system that can be monitored, and displayed live video using the cameras and networks currently installed in Tohoku.
    In addition to the above, the large model was introduced on the panel discussion.
    We received a lot of questions regarding specifications about 5-axis stabilizer with vessel-mounted model and infrared camera with large telephoto lens, which are not generally introduced. Eventually, we found that people have particularly significant interest to such products.
    This Infrared Array Sensor Forum provides advanced preparations and coordination by Dr. Kimata, who is in the secretariat, as well as everyone at the academic society and Ritsumeikan University. Hereby, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of involved staff.
    Contents of the simple exhibition booth
  • July/04/2018
    We enhanced our lineup of compact and inexpensive infrared camera systems.
    1. Infrared camera system for monitoring fish poaching
      Many poachers aim to sell illegally, so they often it is tried to done by late at night.
      There is a limit of 24/7 monitoring in the dark and wide ocean.
      Fish poaching can be done successfully while poachers cleverly catch your surveillance off guard. In this
      way, it is not easy to catch red-handed on the spot.
      For many years we have contributed to the prevention of poaching by providing poaching monitoring
      systems in various locations regardless of installation on land or at sea.
      Depending on the region, when a disaster occurs, it is possible to grasp the disaster situation according
      to how this system is operated. This also helps to prevent secondary casualties. Besides, this is also ideal
      for installations for regions in a limited manner due to low cost and also full range of equipment.
    2. Infrared camera system for river monitoring
      There are many storms caused by abnormal weather, although the influence of the global warming
      phenomenon in recent years can be also considered. In addition, floods and landslides occur frequently
      across the country due to continual rains in the same places. If they occur late during late night, there are
      also actually some casualties.
      We would like to grasp the current situation for day and night, and hope to provide a little contribution to
      disaster mitigation. We would try to enhance the surveillance camera systems. As seen above, we wish
      to expand camera systems that can be easily installed anywhere.
  • February/01/2018
    We launched a new monitoring system using smartphone lines.
    When combined with our Twin-Cam 24 product, you can use a smartphone or tablet from anywhere in
    Japan to instantly view the current situation day or night, 24/7, and remotely control the mounted camera.

    Network Monitoring System and Video Conferencing via Smartphone Line
  • October/31/2017 – November/02/2017
    We attended in the 6th WCO Technology & innovation Forum 2017.
    Customs officials from different countries all over the world gathered at the Hilton Hotel in Odaiba to
    propose and discuss various issues. Accordingly, various equipment was exhibited by other companies
    at the annex. We were the unique company that we could exhibited a passive body scanner with compact
    and portable model in the world, which received excellent reviews from the participants.

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  • October/04/2017 – October/06/2017
    We participated in InterOpto 2017 including terahertz and laser.
    We would also like to be thankful for many visitors who attended the terahertz business seminar. If you are interested in products by our company, please feel free to contact us.r.
    Scenery of exhibiting at exhib.
  • October/01/2015
    Disclosure of Compact Surveillance Camera System, Twin-Cam 24, for day and night.
  • June/14/2013
    Welcome to the website of the KSK Corporation in English!


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